Designed for proposals, it’s a standout for those looking for a hint of romance. Surprising your significant other with amore is love without any words spoken.

Amore caters for 2 people

Bella Italia

Think the Amalfi coastline minus the jetlag. Bougainvillea, fresh lemons and a spritz of sea breeze. This theme may have been what dean martin meant when he sang of “Bella Italia”.

Bella Italia caters for up to 6 people

Bohemian Bonanza

a Moroccan journey, featuring fine brass ware and cactus silk cushions you’ll have to double check your whereabouts to reassure yourself you haven’t been whisked away.

Bohemian Bonanza caters for up to 12 people

Classic Paradiso

A blank canvas of neutrals however, it brings truth to the saying “less is more”. There is elegance within simplicity and for us it’s a house favourite.

Classic Paradiso caters for up to 30 people

Pretty Woman

Wear your best dress, this theme just oozes femininity. A pop of pink with a side of class. From teacups to textural cushions, it’s a picnic that longs for ladies who lunch.

Pretty Woman caters for up to 30 people

Saphire Skies

I’ve got the blues but not as we know it, featuring a dusty blue palette showered with crystal.

The two together are a powerful combination of sophistication. A theme as cool as ice yet it will melt the hearts of any ice queen.

Saphire Skies caters for up to 20 people

Custom – mix & match

We all have different tastes and quite frankly we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we offer you the ability to customise your theme. Mix it up with blues and pinks, or maybe you have something else in mind?

caters for up to 20 people