The three little words that stuck with me. All my childhood my father worked as a Sydney based location manager for the Australian film industry. Its for this reason I would consider myself rich in knowledge of all the best picnic locations that reside in Sydney. No matter what you are looking for we are full of suggestions. Before we make a recommendation it’s important to hear from you. What do you value, what do you seek?




yes, it may have an amazing view but if there are no toilets it can become problematic. Having toilets within a reasonable distance is essential for the comfort of all guests.

Environmentally, locations change throughout the seasons. A certain spot may be ideal for winter yet to hot and lacks shade for the summetime. If you have any reservations or concerns. Please always ask and we will do our best to assist.

is it ideal for guests? After all what is a picnic if no one shows up. Consider parking, public transport routes and mobility of the guests. We are clued in on locations with poor accessibility. So please enquire if you are unsure about a desired location.

lets talk logistics:

Suburbs in Sydney we service

Lower North Shore and its surrounding suburbs, Northern Beaches suburbs, Central Sydney, and the Eastern suburbs.

Picnic Locations within Sydney yet outside the stated perimeters are welcome for groups. However, they will incur additional delivery fees.

Picnic location types

We service both indoor and outdoor locations. If you would prefer to have the picnic within your home or on private property we embrace the idea. We will just require accessibility.

Delivery Fees

Are calculated per basis considering factors of distance, time, tolls etc. Locations exceeding 25kms in travel will incur an additional fee.

*please be advised to consider an indoor or undercover alternative in the event of bad weather. Otherwise please refer to our wet weather policies*

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