The first weekend of May was in full swing with our debut into a kids picnic party and the intimate celebrations of Mothers day.

On Saturday the sun greeted us true to form for a typical Sydney Autumn. It was that nostalgic climate Sydney longs for and has been well overdue no thanks to La Nina. Those Autumns whereby a cool crisp wavers in the winds yet as soon as you soak yourself in the sun and bask in all its glory you're as warm as toast. I assure you there is no better place then to perch yourself on a comfy cushion surrounded by nature getting that dose of vitamin D.  you’ll find that autumn is indeed the perfect season to host or attend a pop-up picnic in Sydney. Especially when considering hosting a kids picnic party as often the summer months can bring about humidity and strong rays.

On Saturday we were based at the beautiful Clark Park residing on Lavender Bays foreshore, it is no secret that this is a prime Sydney picnic spot. Be mindful of course, that parking is not ideal if you’re intending on hosting a handful of guests. However the incentive lies in its accessibility via public transport. 

The perks of such a location is primarily the views and ambience. the park Neighbours Wendy Whitely’s secret garden thus it boasts an abundance of flora maintained by the local community. It is a blessing to see a public space so well maintained with flowers blooming and the gardens cherished. However, do beware, come late afternoon you may encounter the occasional unusual suspect, THE LOCAL BUSH TURKEYS. Don’t let that deter you though as they are harmless and mostly parade around in a scavenger hunt for spare crumbs.

The brief for the kids picnic party was a fairy forest theme. I was extremely happy with the result as a lot of hard work went into sourcing props alongside creating props from scratch. Owning an events company entails being a trick of all trades. If arts and crafts weren't a strong point of mine in the past, well lets just say practice makes perfect! Creativity on the other hand was always a strong suit and reinventing mediocre items and transforming them into innovative decor is something I long for.

Ill let the photos speak for themselves behold FAIRY FOREST:

kids picnic party
fairy kids picnic party
kids picnic party
kids fairy party
fairy picnic
kids picnic party
kids fairy picnic

Retrospectively the event was a success with all the kids in a safe environment to let off all that excitement running around and playing amongst the generous parklands. The 6 year old birthday girl was grinning like a Cheshire Cat upon arrival and her mother and grandmother seemed equally as impressed.

Sunday on the contrary, was a day full of intimate picnics to honour our beloved mothers, it always takes me by surprise to see a lot of husbands pulling out the stops to celebrate the admirable wives who inherit the role of superwoman AKA motherhood. 

This year we set up  a pop-up picnic for a family of 4, the children were both young boys and were quick to select the pretty woman theme (considering that particular theme is all pink) it deemed a worthy selfless choice from the boys. Consideration for what mum would like the most seemed at the forefront of their minds. All in All they had a wondrous day, divulging in a brunch menu from the ultimate brunch supplier Against the Grind. Based on feedback the family of 4 had even made friends with fellow picnic goers and stressed what a lovely day it had been upon backup.

Later that day Poppin Picnics set up a couples pop up picnic in the local favourite, Kirribilli. A yet to be mother attended with the news that she was expecting. What a perfect way to spend your last mothers day without child. Alongside your partner both knowing it will be the last mothers day you share just the two of you. The picnic was our house favourite Classic Paradiso theme and glimmered perfectly with the decadent backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

Thats us signing off for this week. I look forward to sharing with you next weeks antics and remember words are just words say it in a picnic.

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