About Poppin Picnics

There is a picnic for every reason and it doesn’t matter the season. Therefore It’s about time we broke free from the conventional dine in experience and took advantage of the abundance of harbourside sanctuaries that are home to Sydney. Combining the experience of exquisite dining with outdoor recreation Poppin picnics Sydney was born. 

We have redefined the traditional tartan rug “picnic” instead we create an ambience that screams luxury. With an array of themes to choose from we offer cultural experiences where by you can take a step back in time immersing yourself in a wonderland fit for the likes of Bridgerton. Perhaps you wish for something a tad more exotic, Let’s teleport you on that holiday to Morocco you’ve been procrastinating about for years just forget the airfare and the long haul flight.

We specialise in curating LUXE pop-up picnic events for any occasion. Our point of difference I believe is our signature flair and the quality of goods we use. No detail is too small to overlook whether it’s our French crystal goblets, paramount picnic tables or assorted unique décor sourced from local artisans the aesthetic pleasure is inescapable.

Its no secret that events can be stressful. However, Poppin Picnics Sydney relieves all that unwanted stress restoring good old-fashioned FUN into momentous occasions! It’s a hassle free dream you send out your save the dates to your nearest and dearest and we simply take care of the rest. Just arrive with bells on that’s all we ask as the saying goes “you bring your own weather to a picnic”.

Young woman, 28, starts her ‘dream’ company hosting luxury pop-up picnics – as she reveals the secrets to styling the perfect table every time

Throughout 2020, the event industry has retransformed. Whilst walking a tightrope, outdoor gatherings today stand the safest, most moral and enjoyable way to socialise. Poppin Picnic redefines the traditional picnic. Working alongside other creative artisans to curate luxurious events in pristine locations within the city of Sydney.